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Prashanth J Rao (Prash)


Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon

In the media


Daily Mail UK, Dr Rao – Craniocervical instability

Macquarie University Hospital neurosurgeons Dr Prashanth Rao and Associate Professor Kevin Seex performed the surgery. Dr Prashanth Rao said “There are few places in the world where people suffering the condition can seek treatment, and that more research is needed into the condition.”

Dr Rao expert reviewer – Malignant Glioma Article


Dr Rao in Spine surgery news San Francisco

New England Journal of Medicine Medstro group – discussion on Lumbar spondylolisthesis laminectomy versus fusion
Sacro-iliac joint Ifuse- innovation summit Phoenix ArizonaSociety of Lateral Access Surgeons- Asia Pacific meeting 2018 Sir Gordon Gordon Taylor Award